Brothers and Sisters of the Light,

    Today, I am directed to address you, collectively as the Universal Family of Light, Peace and Healing.  Many emails and news letters have been received, revealing that each family, each circle, each spiritual healer is being directed to the same path and resolve in this time of crisis.

I, just as you must be, struggle with the Shadow Dance.  The light and dark of self at this time.  Angered and frustrated at the situation our Nation finds itself in and the choices it and those that stand with our Nation now face.

As healers, carriers of the gifts of light, we too face a choice.  Do not lose faith.  It is not a time to think of self and our own needs, fears or anger in response to this trauma.  It is a time to encourage one another to stay focused and address the Universal needs for healing.  There are many things we can and must do collectively.  Our paths have been that of healers, Shamans, Spiritual advisers and this common bond and goal has not changed.  As we stay focused on our purpose and gifts of this present lifetime let's step up to the task and responsibility of those gifts.

As we come together, we drum a song of healing.  Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, we circle round and focus our healing prayers, energies and light to the Universal needs.  Light a candle, take a moment of silence in prayer, raise your voice and your spirit.  We shall rise together to meet the need as a Family of Light.

I encourage each of you to stand for a moment in the North, the place of gratitude. In gratitude for all we have, all we have been given, and all that will be given, raise your voice, your shaman song to the Spirit.  Let your heart sing this gratitude to the Nation's heroes and warriors that risk their own lives to save our brothers and sisters and to those that have risked and lost in this endeavor.

Our directives as a family of the light and healing......

Assist those who have passed in this violent manner.  Be a beacon to help them find their way.  Focus your energies to the large circles of light above each area of disaster and death, asking Spirit to open the Vortex, send the light and carry them home.  Ask they be drawn to it and release their physical ties here.  many of their friends and families are holding on tightly to their spirits in hopes they are still physically alive.  We can assist in their release to the light and send peace to their spirit.

Focus healing energies to those left behind, bewildered, lost and in pain experiencing this great loss.  Send them peace, calm of mind, body and spirit, and send them healing of the soul.  Call in the Divine Masters, draw down the white light of the Great Spirit and send forth that light to our brothers and sisters.

Send strength and healing to those waiting to be rescued.  Let your spirit rise to their need so they know they are not alone.

Channel sight, hearing and intuitive thought to the heroes that search for them.  Send them strength and resolve to not give in or give up.

Stay focused and send that focus, resolve and strength to our Nation's Leaders.  Pray they hear the Spirit's directives and guidance at this time of  difficult choices.

As we walk shoulder to shoulder in common purpose, of all walks of faith, let us bond and chant.....

I am a circle, I am healing you
You are a circle, you are healing me
Unite us be one

Integrate our energies
of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
and match those energies
as we stand together , united
One with intent
One in mind, body and spirit.

In spirit brothers and sisters of the light
LittleLizard and The Friday Night Drum Circle