Your Animal Guides can be called by many names.  Power Animals, Animal Guides, Totems, etc...   Some believe the terms all reference the same thing, others believe that a Totem is a lifelong Animal Guide while Animal Guides or Power Animals come and go depending on your needs.  You may have one or more Totems and they stay with you through life as you become one with their Spirit.  If you are drawn to a particular animal or maybe your appearance is even similiar to a particular animal, this could indicate the presence of this animal as your totem.  Your Animal Spirit Guides or Power Animals come and go when they are needed.  This could be for life or could be brief so I may use one or all of the terms I have described when referencing  The Animal in Spirit that shares your path. The information I share on your Totems has been compiled from several different sources which include, books, internet sites, meditation, vision quests, channeling, the animal's characteristics, to name a few.  These are ways to assist you as well in identifying and understanding the meanings of your Animal Guides when they appear to you.  There is a large list of sources to assist you in interpretation of your Animals. You may read many things and they may not all coorespond.  Please keep in mind in your research that your Guides can be very personal and they do not read books.  Their presence may not coincide with the guidelines we've read about.

There are many different concepts of when, why, how, and meanings of totems appearances.   If this differs from your beliefs or experiences, please follow your heart and intuition in identifying your Guides and interpreting the reason they may share your Sacred Path Today.  Only you will know for sure the power and feelings you derive from your Totem or Guide.

In order to understand your Totem and what it's meaning has in your life today you can do several things.

1) Research your Animal....find out what it's behavior is in it's environment, it's characteristics and where it lives.
2) Imagine yourself as your Animal and pay close attention to the qualities you feel and how you are empowered.
3) Research your heritage and find out the meaning your Animal has for your ancestors.
4) While journeying or seeing your Animal in vision, ask it why it shares your path.  Imagine touching your Totem and pay close attention to what feelings it inspires in you.
5)  Find your Animal in the following list for it's meaning or  use the two links on our favorite links page.

If you would like to access your Animal Guides visit our meditation page.  There is a Sacred Garden meditation designed to assist you in this process.

The following is a condensed version of catagorized Animal  Guides.

Embrace their spirit and walk in their medicine for it is good and powerful.

Wado for the honor.
Sandy LittleLizard