Satin Altar Cloths
Black / White / Red
Small -      21" - 22" sq.......$  5.95
Large-       32" X 33" sq......$12.95
Feather Quills.....1.50 each
White, purple, green, black, red or pink
Holy Water.....$4.95 4oz bottle
Heavy Weight Parchment Paper.....$2.95
Pkg of 5 sheets 81/2 X 11
pale cream in color
Brass Altar Bells
Assorted styles
6" high....................$8.95 ea

1 1/2" high..............$1.25 ea
Buy this - Dragons Blood Ink  $3.95
Buy This - Doves Blood Ink  $3.95
Small                                                              Large
Buy small black cloth
Buy small white cloth
Buy small red cloth
Buy Large black cloth
Buy Large white cloth
Buy Large red altar cloth
Buy This - Large Altar Bell
Buy This - Small Altar Bells
Buy This - White feather Quill
Buy This - Purple feather quill
Buy This - Pink Feather Quill
Buy This - Black Feather Quill
Buy This - Green Feather quill
Buy This - Red Feather Quill
Buy This - Parchment  $2.95
Buy This - Vesta Ritual Powder - $3.95
Buy This - Black Salt  2 oz  $2.95
Buy This - Holy Water 4oz - $4.95
Buy This - Coarse Sea Salt - $1.95
altar cloth - purple pent
Buy this 24" square altar purple pent
Buy 30" square altar purple pent
Altar cloth
Purple w/blk pentacle
24" 9.95
Altar cloth heavy weight
silver & blk
24" X 24" $13.95
Buy This - "24 x "24  altar triquetra  $13.95
Buy This - altar tile soapstone pentacle 3"  $3.50
Buy This - altar tile soapstone triquetra $3.50
Buy this - Heavy weight 3" metalic altar tile Triquetra $9.95
Buy this - Heavy weight 3" metalic altar tile Pentacle $11.95
Buy This - All Things Sacred - Ceremony Ritual Kit  $29.00
All Things Sacred - Ceremony Ritual Kit
Contains: Candles, Candle Holders, Sea Salt, White Sage, Magickal Herbal Tea, Magickal Herbs, Blessing Waters for anointing, Holy Water, Incense, Crystals, and more.
Includes Ceremonies and Rituals for:
Prosperity, Healing, Protection, Negative energy, Love, House Cleansing, and more...
$45 Value for $29.00
Buy This - altar tile soapstone triple moon - $3.50
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Soapstone Altar Tiles - Colors are assorted.
Buy This - Mojo wish Beans 2oz - $4.95
Buy this - Salt Peter 2oz - $2.95
Buy this - Sulfur Powder 4oz - $3.95
Commonly used in wish magic, where it is carried for seven days to grant a wish.  Also good for divination and offerings to St. Joseph.
Buy this - Pink Salt 2oz $2.95
Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt - Gourmet Salt. Enjoy this USA culinary salt: Solar evaporated Sea Salt from the Hawaiian island of Molokai coated with activated coconut shell charcoal. Whether you are making magic seasoning your favorite dish or invoking Pele or whatever you have in mind, you will find everything enhanced with this wonderful product.
Himalayan Extra Find:  A beautiful addition to any table, this pink salt gets its color from the minerals trapped within the salt’s crystalline structure. These minerals not only grant this salt its unique color and flavor but are easily absorbed; replenishing the body with essential minerals and trace elements. A wonderful addition to spiritual and ritual circles. Some use this for love, reunion, new hope, healing, and bright journey