Gemstone Pieces
Add to cart - Black Worry Stones - $3.50 each
Add to cart - Amethyst Pendulum $12.99
Add to cart - Clear Quartz Pendulum $12.99
Add to cart - Moonstone Pendulum $12.99
Add to cart - Rose Quartz Pendulum $12.99
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Add to cart - Chakra Bags - $8.00
Chakra Bags contain 7 to 8 stones.  A stone for each Chakra in a Guatamalan crocheted bag.

Suggested use:  Meditate with all the stones to balance the Chakras or place the appropriate stone on the appropriate Chakra during meditation.  Also can simply be carried in your pocket.

The stones are assorted but there is a stone for each chakra.  To help you determine the appropriate stone for the appropriate Chakra you can associate color with the stone.
Black Cat's Eye, Multi Color Cats Eye, Rose Quartz
Opal, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz

7th   Crown - Violet/Purple

6th   Brow  - Blue/violet

5th   Throat -  Blue / Turquoise

4th   Heart - Pink / Green

3rd   Solar Plexus - Yellow

2nd  Sacral / Spleen - Orange

1st   Base - Red / black / Browns
Holding the pendulum between your thumb and index finger, steady it.  Then simply ask it to demonstrate a "yes" answer.  It will begin to swing forward and backward.  Say thank you and it will stop swinging.
Steady it again and ask it to demonstrate a "no" answer.  It will begin to swing from side to side.  Say thank you and it will stop swinging.

After you have connected with your pendulum, you can ask questions on many things.  Remember to only ask questions that it can answer with a yes or no. 

If you decide to get creative you can make a diagram to hang your pendulum over that will allow it offer some different answers like "not yet", "maybe", "ask a different question", "your choice", or "cannot answer".
SIMPLE WIRE WRAPPED POINTS for necklace - $5.99
Does not include a chain.
Add to cart - Amethyst wire wrapped point - $5.99
Add to cart - Quartz Crystal wire wrapped point - $5.99
Add to cart - Rose Quartz wire wrapped point $5.99
Add to cart - Tiger Eye wire wrapped point $5.99
Add to cart - Green Aventurine wire wrapped point $5.99
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Add to cart - Pendulum Kit - $22.95  includes Pendulum
The Little Shoppe of Auras
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Add to cart - Salt Lamp with cord - $24.95

Add to cart - Selenite Candle Holder $24.00
Add to cart - Crystal Quartz Candle Holder $24.00
Add to cart - Sodalite Candle Holder $24.00
Add to cart - Rose Quartz Candle Holder $24.00
Add to cart - Multi Cats Eye Worry Stone - $3.50
Add to cart - Rose Quartz Worry Stone - $3.50
Add to cart - Opal Worry Stone - $3.50
Add to cart - Amethyst Worry Stone - $3.50
Add to cart - Crystal Quartz Worry Stone - $3.50
these "pocket tranquilizers" use a form of reflexology, or nerve pressure.

Rubbing the smooth surface of the stone puts pressure on nerves within the thumb that may release enorphins, the brain's natural relaxants. 

Choose a stone whose powers work with your energy.
GEM BAG - this cute little bag of gems contains an assortment 31 small gemstones.  Great for our little gemstone collectors, or a great assortment of little stones for medicine bags or intention pouches.
Add to cart - Gem Bag $5.99
One of our favorite quick reference books
by Judy Hall
Add to cart - Illustrated Guide to Crystals $14.95
Add to cart - Crystal Bible by Hall  $19.99
Also a favorite...A more extensive reference of Gemstones
by Judy Hall
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Gemstone Properties
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Crystal Quartz Candle Holder - Not Pictured
The Sodalite Holder has been discontinued by our distributor.
We have one left in stock.
Add to cart - An introductory guide to crystals - $11.95
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An Introductory Guide to Crystals
a little book with lots of information.
Includes an album download from paradise music - your choice of album - $11.95